Lesson #12: Look with New Eyes


When my twin sister and I began running in September of last year, I was initially paralyzed by fear. In my minds eye, I still saw myself as an obese teenager, who could barely run a mile without stopping.

One day while we were running, and I felt like giving up, Tasha looked back at me and yelled , “Keep going, you can do it!” I began to cry when she uttered those words because I knew she was right. It was at that moment that I looked at myself with new eyes.

I saw myself as a person who could overcome any obstacle she faced, as a person who had made lifestyle changes that would enable me to get through the run, as a person who was at the time 80 lbs lighter.

It can be very tempting to look at where you are or where you’ve been and think that you can’t make it. In order to create a new normal, you have to envision the person you want to be in order. One of my favorite songs by Mary Mary is “Go Get It.” In the first verse Tina sings,

“It’s like you’re looking through a telescope 

you see where your gone be

Growing, getting better, you’re not the person they see

She encourages us to look at ourselves with new eyes; to see possibilities where we would otherwise see lack, to see the greatness within, rather than our shortcomings.

You are not your past or your present situation. You can achieve great things. But first you must see yourself as someone who can do anything you put your mind to.

How is the way you see yourself contributing or detracting from your ability to achieve your goals? How can you change the way you see yourself?

I’d love to read your comments on this subject.
As always, be happy. Be healthy. Be the best version of you possible.

Love always,
Tanika Monique
Always & Forever

Forever & Always

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