Lesson #11: We Are All Human


I mentioned before that we can be so consumed with social media stars and celebrities. We may praise them and assume that their lives are much better than our own.  In addition to the comments of praise on Facebook posts, Instagram pics, and YouTube videos there are numerous hateful remarks.  For every, “You are so beautiful!” comment, there are 10 remarks picking the person apart.

I watched a video clip of The Real a little over week ago in which the ladies were discussing bullying.  It saddened me to hear how co-hosts Jeannie Mai and Tamar Braxton were still very traumatized by the negativity they get on a daily basis.  To know that their feelings get hurt by the things others say, reminded me that we are all human. Celebrities and people who are “social media” famous go through the same issues the rest of us experience.  The only difference is there is a camera on them.  People feel the need to make comments on how others live simply because they “put themselves out there.”

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