Lesson #9: Your Journey is Your Own



I’m running down the street with my twin sister, thinking to myself “Tanika, you can do this.  Just try to keep up with Tasha.”  For a good 5 minutes we are able to run at the same pace.  Once we are heading over a bridge, we separate.  We continue to run and eventually Tasha is at least a block ahead of me.  It is at this point that I no longer try to maintain her pace.
Instead, I tell myself, “Come on Tanika, just keep moving.  Don’t stop.  Keep running until you make it home.”  This experience inspired me to write this post.  When we were in high school, Tasha was on the cross-country team and did long distance running on our track team.  I on the other hand did shotput and discus for all 4 years.  I also was diagnosed with arthritis at age 17 and had to overcome my fear of running.What is my point?

 You may begin a journey with someone else, but it’s up to you to finish that journey by yourself.  That person may not always be by your side.  Will you give up when you have to “run alone” or will you continue striving toward your goal.  Though twins, we did not start off at the same place when we began running together this past fall.  I had to do some inner work on myself to get past my fears and to realize that I’m not the same person who could barely walk up a flight of stairs, let alone run a mile.


As I stated in Lesson #2, don’t compare yourself to others.  You have your own journey to take and shouldn’t be concerned about keeping up with someone else’s.  On the surface, it may appear that you and someone else are starting at the same point and should be able to accomplish the same goals at the same time, but that it not the case. Tasha and I started running at the same place, outside of our apartment building, but we had two completely different beliefs about running.

Running three miles was an accomplishment for me.  For Tasha, this was easy to do.  She came to our running sessions with helpful techniques, that allowed her to sprint when running up a hill. I on the other hand, had never been a runner. Evaluate where you are right now and where you want to be.  What will it take to get you there?

We are each uniquely beautiful creations, who require different things to motivate and uplift us.  Focus on the tools, techniques, and strategies you can use to progress along your journey.  Your journey is your own.  Make the most of it.  Celebrate small victories.


Love Always,

Tanika Monique
Always & Forever

Forever & Always



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