Lesson #7: Find the Beauty in Ugly Situations


As you can see, “This is ugly,” is written in big, black letters across this painting. What you don’t see is the other part of the painting, which I cut off and threw in the trash.  Several years ago, I was attempting to paint some flowers.  Things were not going as planned and the other side of the painting was actually ugly.  I was so fed up, that I wrote those words on the painting. 


After examining the painting much longer, I was able to see some beauty in it.  I cut out the “ugly” portion and kept the beautiful part, which you see now.  Though the words “this is ugly” are still written across the page, that is not true.


When you are faced with an ugly, challenging, discouraging situation, can you see the beauty in it?  Can you find the good, the lessons to be learned, the wounds to be healed?  For me, some of my darkest hours have turned out to be some of best things that ever happened to me. It was in those moments that I grew the most. 


I challenge you to examine your current situation and find the beauty amongst the ugliness.  If you look long and hard enough you will surely find it.


You are beautiful, talented, and capable of dealing with whatever challenges come your way!  How do you see the beauty in life’s ugly moments?  Comment below.


Love Always,


Tanika Monique 

Always & Forever 

Forever & Always



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