Lesson #5: Get Off the Bus–Knowing When to Let Go and Move On



A few months ago, I was waiting for the bus by my house.  I was on my way to an offsite workshop for work and so had to take the bus to the last stop.  While I was waiting, a bus that would only take me half way to my destination arrived.  I got on the bus since I was familiar with the driver, since I often rode his bus in the bus in the mornings.  Once I got on the bus, I checked my bus tracker app and noticed that the bus I needed was only two minutes away.  So I got off the bus after only traveling two stops.

This experience inspired me to write this lesson.  Sometimes in life, we may be comfortable and familiar with a relationship we have with someone or something.  When that person or thing can no longer support us on our journeys, then it’s time to get off the bus.  I was familiar with that bus driver. We would greet each other every time I took his bus.  But he couldn’t take me where I needed to go.  I had to let go of the familiar in order to reach my destination.

Another important caveat that I took away from this ordeal was that it is better to let go immediately when you notice that a relationship is no longer serving you.  If I had gotten off the bus much later or at the halfway point, I would have had to wait much longer for the bus I needed and potentially arrived late to my training.

Once I realized that the driver was nice to me but couldn’t take me where I needed to go, it was time to abort.  I am by no means suggesting that you drop someone out of your life immediately because you are going through a trying time.  However, I do advise you to assess the situation.


Ask yourself:

Can this relationship contribute to my growth?

Will this habit help guide me to where I want to go?

If the answer is no, then it’s time for you to “get off that bus!”


When have you realized that it is time to let go of a thought pattern, person, or habit?  How did you handle the situation?  Let us know in the comment section.


Love always,

Tanika Monique

Always & Forever

Forever & Always

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