Lesson #4: Passing the Test


Congratulations! You have written down your goals and taken steps needed to accomplish them.  You are in a state of mind in which you feel that you have successfully let go and are approaching a bright future.  Just when you take another step in the right direction, you are knocked back three more steps.

I personally can attest to feeling this way.  Often times, when we think we are well on our way to success, we are faced with obstacles.  The question becomes, what do you do when you come across that obstacle?  You are being tested to see whether you will continue on your path and not let that obstacle deter you or completely give up on your goals.


Back in 2011, I was casually checking a rarely used email account and I received an instant message from someone I used to chat with.  Before this incident, I had deleted this person from my Facebook friends, messenger friends list, and even permanently deactivated my Facebook account.  I was completely thrown off guard by the IM because it came out of nowhere.  In my mind, I had been on the right track.  I felt like everything was coming together for me and I was changing my life.  During our whole 10 minute chat session, I was reminded of all these negative feelings I once had.

Here I was chatting with someone I no longer wished to have in my life, whom I only chatted with when I didn’t want to study, and whom I never felt comfortable talking to in the first place.  I was reminded of the person I no longer wanted to be.  Then it hit me—although I had wasted 10 minutes of my life on this day–I DID NOT HAVE TO WASTE ANOTHER HOUR.  After this sudden realization, I decided to close the window and log out of my email account.  For the record, three years later, I still have not been in contact with this person.


When you are faced with an obstacle that you were sure you had overcome–what will you do? Even, if you revert back to your old ways, briefly, just know that you do not have to continue on a downward spiral. If you fall off the wagon, you can pick yourself back up again.  Anytime you are making a positive change in your life, you will be tested.  You can pass that test because you are continuously making positive changes in your life, you are equipping yourself with skills that will enable you to pass any test that comes your way!


How do you respond when you are being tested?  Let us know in the comment section.


Peace and Blessings

Love Always,

Tanika Monique

Always & Forever
Forever & Always


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