A Metaphorical Suicide- Lessons Learned from the Death and Life of Robin Williams by Tasha Richardson


On Monday, August 11th, the world lost a gem in Robin Williams.  Preliminary reports reveal that he may have committed suicide.  His death caused a ripple effect of pain to travel across the world. Williams has touched the world with his gifts and talents, and we were made all the better for it.  We thank Robin Williams for all of the humour, authenticity, and light that he offered to us and send condolences to his friends and family.

While the world no longer has Robin with us, the question that remains is what will we do with our own light and lives?  Many of us commit a metaphorical suicide every day.  What does this look like?  This looks like us showing up half there or not there at all.  This means us being silent when it comes to voicing our truths.  It means us agreeing to arrangements and situations that fail to acknowledge our authentic self.  Suicide is defined as the act of intentionally taking one’s own life.  Are you able to identify those areas in your life where you intentionally kill your power, presence, voice, and all that is uniquely you?  Once you do so. what are you willing to do about it?  Unlike those who we have physically lost to suicide, we are still here.  Own your light, beauty, wisdom, and power and “dance and embrace the musicality of life” so that when you really leave this earth, those around you can truly lament your homegoing and benefit from all that you’ve left behind.  What legacy do you choose to have and create–beginning this very moment?  Wake up and live!  Be the YOU who you were created to be!  Grant us the awesome occasion of being surrounded by the you who makes yourself known, no apologies and no excuses!  Change begins now!

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What lessons have you learned from the life of Robin Williams?  What ways have you been committing suicide in your own life?  Comment below!

7 thoughts on “A Metaphorical Suicide- Lessons Learned from the Death and Life of Robin Williams by Tasha Richardson

  1. Keith Hasbrouck

    I appreciate your comments. I tend to be rigid in my use of words, and personally choose to reserve the word as it is narrowly defined.

    Your thoughtful reflection on his life as well as your own causes me to pause and consider how I spend my time, whether I am truly engaged and available to humanity or wrapped up in self-absorbed thoughts. Thank you again as I go out from this place to attempt to help others . . .

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    • Keith, thank you for your words! We are ready to receive your words of truth and to accept the help that only you can give to us! I wish you the best on your journey! Know that the world awaits in blessed anticipation for you to bring all of yourself to every interaction. In your living out loud and speaking your truth we have no choice but to be raised up and transformed! Best of luck in every aspect of your life! May the world benefit from the jewels that you have to convey! Thanks so much for reading and sharing your thoughts!


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  3. Wow. Really good post and intensely felt. So true. I have been guilty of having committed metaphorical suicide in more ways than one.
    Trying to conform to patterns which do not belong to me, being agreeable at work in order to fit into patterns, following the rules of life, set by others, whether I liked them or not are all things I have done. To be true to oneself one needs to air one’s view once in a while at least if not most of the time.

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    • Thanks so much for reading and allowing it to resonate! The good news about metaphorical suicide and anything else in life is that we get a chance to right our own course, self-correct and redetermine our own standards of behaviour in every new moment. So, those times when we are too agreeable and conforming we can always give people new rules of engagement. I guess the real danger of metaphorical suicide is us forgetting that we have a choice that is gifted to us at the passing of a new moment…for the simple reason that we are still breathing. Your comment, reading, and sharing means a lot. Best of luck on your journey of living an authentic life…and showing us that no one can own or be the YOU that we so desperately need in the world!


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