Lesson #3: Sprinkle a Little Pixie Dust


Recall the memory from your childhood in which you sat down to watch the Disney classic film, Peter Pan.  Can you picture the movie in your head?  Close your eyes and envision Wendy, John, and Michael the first time they were about to fly. Do you remember those magical words Peter told them: Think happy thoughts.  With those happy thoughts and a little sprinkling of pixie dust, they were able to fly.  What if I were to tell you that you too can be just like those children in Peter Pan?  Well you can, in a figurative sense.

The key to the message from Peter Pan is….you guessed it!  Thinking happy thoughts; any little happy thought.  The mind has so much power. By making the conscious decision to think positively, you too can “soar.”  Under no circumstances can you “soar” if you continuously tell yourself negative messages.  Telling yourself “I could never do that;”  “I’m crazy for believing that I can change for the better;” “I am unlovable,” etc will only keep you stagnant.  Your feet will stay remain firmly planted on the ground.  Negative self-talk is a dream killer.  Therefore if you want to fly above your present circumstances think positively.  If you want to make a career change, lose weight, or go to school, you have to constantly tell yourself all the reasons WHY you can.

Tell yourself that you are beautiful, capable, divinely favored, and worthy.  I encourage you to continuously fill your mind with positive messages, which will enable you to soar!  Like Peter said, “think of happy things it’s the same as having wings!”


What positive messages do you tell yourself? Comment below.

Peace and Blessings

Love Always,

Tanika Monique

Always & Forever

Forever & Always



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