Lesson #2: Apples and Oranges

Photo credit: Tanika Richardson

Photo credit: Tanika Richardson

“Stacy has a better paying job than me.”  “Hector’s married by now! I’m 28 and still single, what is wrong with me?!” “Look at how much weight Mary has lost in a week! Man I’m struggling to lose an ounce.”  The list goes on and on of the types of comparisons we tend to make with others.  We look at the lives of other people and see all the qualities that we do not possess and we end up feeling inadequate.  I had an epiphany the other day, that there will always be someone who has something that you do not.  Yes, Stacy may have a better paying job than you, but at least you are gainfully employed.  Yes, Hector is married, but you are enjoying getting to know yourself and falling in love with you.  Mary may have lost 5lbs in a week, but at least you have consistently eaten healthy home-cooked meals and exercised for 5 days this week.

My point is that comparing ourselves with others is useless.  It’s like comparing apples and oranges; they’re both fruit but completely different. They are both delicious, provide nutrients, and have something beautifully amazing to offer the world.  Instead of comparing yourself to others and focusing on everything you lack, focus on the positive and live in a space of gratitude.  You may not have everything that someone else has, but guess what?  You have something.  I truly believe that we are all uniquely beautiful creations who have something to positive to give to the world.

We are all teachers, we are all leaders, and we are all magnificent.  Apples cannot be oranges and oranges cannot be apples.  Only apples can create apple pie, apple dumplings and apple juice.  Only oranges can make orange juice and cranberry-orange scones.  You may not be Stacy, Hector, or Mary, but there is only one you.  Appreciate who you are and what you have and I guarantee that it will change your life for the better.


If you want to hear more about the reasons not to compare yourself to others, check out link to the video below:

What is one thing that is unique about you?  How do you celebrate your uniqueness? Let us know in the comments sections below.
Peace and Blessings
Love Always,

Tanika Monique
Always and Forever
Forever and Always

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